Maths & Science

The key subjects for the future of South Africa is Maths and Science. Statistics shows that very few students qualify to successfully follow a career in these disciplines. Students need at least 70% or more in order to qualify and succeed in tertiary institutions of their choice.

One of Apollo Foundation Trust’s aims is to make an impact on the teaching and learning of Maths and Science in our local communities surrounding the areas in which Apollo Brick and Apollo Mining operate, currently being Atlantis and Rietvlei Dam (east of Midrand). South Africa is in desperate need of properly qualified engineers, doctors, accountants including artisans. Our support aims to enable our students from the local community to qualify and gain access to tertiary education.

The focus of our programme is to support the Grade 10 to 12 students with either additional tutoring or donations to support these extra-classes.

Some of our investments in education will include:


City Beneficiary Cause
Sponsoring of bricks to build extra classrooms.
Assisting maths and science students with transport and / or lunch money to attend extra Maths and Science classes.


We also welcome sponsorship to assist our programme and to grow the pool of students with a future in tertiary education.


South Africa is in desperate need of semi-skilled employees, whether it be a baker, hairdresser, mechanic, and / or brick layer. One of the most affected areas is the artisan industry. Not a lot of advertising or emphasis is placed on the promotion of artisan trades. Current statistics shows that South Africa is in need of 40 000 artisans which, has pushed government to start encouraging the South African youth to follow a trade career.

What we offer:

  • We offer our services to come out to schools on their career days and have talks with professionals in their respective trades. The professionals will talk about their trade and why it is interesting to become an artisan in a fun and interactive way.
  • We offer on job training for apprentices in either the Atlantis or Gauteng area. We will fund your studies and provide training in order for you to qualify in your respective trade.

Application criteria:

  1. Must have Grade 12;
  2. South African citizen and valid Identity document;
  3. Reside in the surrounding local community of Atlantis, Kalbaskraal, Rietvleidam (east of Midrand) & Thembisa.
  4. Proof of residential address;
  5. Must have registered for a trade profession at an institute and
  6. Application form.


Part of our initiative is to continue and support our Maths and Science programme. We offer bursaries each year to students who comes from our local community and who would like to pursue a tertiary degree in any technical or professional field i.e. Engineering, Maths, and Science degrees. We will support your studies for the first three years of your degree.

Each application will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Grade 12 – June results. A 75% pass in English, Maths and Physics;
  2. South African citizen with a valid identity document or birth certificate;
  3. Residing in the surrounding community of Atlantis, Kalbaskraal, Rietvleidam (east of Midrand);
  4. A letter motivating why you are best suited for this bursary;
  5. Application form.

Our future aim is to provide more bursaries through our partners and suppliers we do business with.

Mentoring for Small to Medium Enterprise Development

Coming soon!